Burning Tree Sauces started from my lifelong passion for cooking. After years spent working in the food industry doing various jobs, I quit cooking professionally and went to work at my family business (Adams-Briscoe Seed Co.) to sell seed as the third generation in that arena.

Never straying too far from my roots, I started making my family’s traditional barbeque sauce. After finding other recipes, and doing some experimenting with what I’ve grown to love about other cultures’ food and cooking practices, I stumbled upon a combination that has become my signature Mango-Bourbon Sauce.

At first I started out giving it away at Christmas as a gift to friends and family. After a while It kind of snowballed into people starting to seek me out after trying it, always prodding me to sell some. Word of different people’s queries always was met with humility until the owner\chef at Grits Cafe in Forsyth, Ga. approached me about putting it on the Fall ’14 menu. It has since made it’s way on their permanent menu, and here we are.

Other sauces include my “Summertime-Melon” and “The Black Stuff” which are seasonally available.

Thanks for the interest in our line and I hope you try it.